So you’ve come across my little space on the web and want to know what sets me apart or why choose me as your photographer.


I’m Kevin Pieto a dad of two awesome kids, but who would say their kids suck?  I’ve had careers in marketing with a few corporate companies in the Pittsburgh area, but I have always been an entrepreneur.  Almost 15 years ago and some 350+ weddings I started a wedding videography business, this business was a very unique training for my photography company.  I’ve was able to work along side some of the best and some of the worst photographers in the Pittsburgh and tri-state area.  As the videographer you are not there to lead the day but to document the events using motion and not still images.  I quickly learned how integral the photographer was to the flow and enjoyment of the wedding day.  I’ve seen photographers enhance the day and make the photos painless and natural and I’ve seen photographers add stress and anxiety.  Most people are not comfortable in front of the camera and it can been be seen in their photos.  A good photographer will be able to eliminate the nervousness allowing natural expressions and happiness to shine through.  Still you ask why should I pick you?  EXPERIENCE!   Many of the guests at your wedding will be taking pictures, some with phones and even similar camera equipment, but most will pale in comparison.  My years of EXPERIENCE set my photos apart from others, from the knowledge of my equipment, to the understanding of different lighting environments to posing and adjusting many different personalities.  Having good equipment does not make a professional photographer.  The EXPERIENCE of different wedding traditions, different lighting, rapport with people and the ability to capture real emotions are what sets me apart.

My job is not over after your wedding or session, as a matter of fact it’s just starting.  The absolute most important thing to me after the wedding, is protecting your photos.  I never want to call a client with bad news that I lost their files.  Within 24 hours I have 5 copies of each of your photos, 3 in a back up system, 1 in a fire safe and 1 out in the cloud.  Accidents and tragedies can happen, my EXPERIENCE has given me the solution to eliminate any chance of loss.  Your photos are safe and secure almost immediately after your wedding.  I also typically have a preview of your wedding day online with 48 hours, for you to share with friends and family.

Don’t put your wedding day memories in the hands of a new photographer who doesn’t have the EXPERIENCE of knowing where to be, knowing how to pose and handle many different personalities, not having quality and back up equipment, and taking great care of your photo so nothing is lost.

Let’s get together and discuss the details of your day and my photography.